2Live Crew Brings Wet T-Shirt Girls on Stage

2Live Crew is my favourite hiphop group right now. Not because of their music but because of their live shows! First, there was this video of big booty porn stars Cherokee and Pinky shaking their asses on stage and now we got this awesome video where they got a whole bunch of sexy girls in wet t-shirts getting naughty!

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Sexy girls in wet tops on stage with 2Live Crew

10 comments on “2Live Crew Brings Wet T-Shirt Girls on Stage”

  1. pete says:

    who is the blonde in front ?

  2. sabotage says:

    Gotta love whores.

  3. Yoav says:

    The blond is a pretty famous porn star, I forgot her name…

  4. mIke says:

    gisele from lovegisele.com

  5. Chris says:

    woah is that the same chick from camwithher that never even went topless mIke?

  6. mIke says:

    dont know about camwither chris,but im positive ive seen her topless many times before this

  7. c says:

    Yea, that’s Gisele. she started as a camwithher (and nudeadultcams) model, but she’s got her own website now. she’s an attractive, attractive lady

  8. andrew says:

    All of these girls must have great relationships with their fathers!

  9. Grant says:

    Fucking hell I want all of those bitches.

  10. Andy says:

    What are you lot on about? The blonde one looks like a bloke! The 2 brunettes are miles nicer.

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